Marketing Intelligence

For over 10 years, we engage ourselves with data, search and crawling. While many happy customers use the standard SaaS solution SEOlytics, there are sometimes complex and channel-overlapping questions, which we can analyze and solve with our Big Data systems. Through our scalable possibilities and the own computing cluster, the size of the dataset to be analyzed only plays a secondary role to us.

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Based on structured data and our extensive, international databases we create versatile market analysis and data-driven insights for selected clients.

Some examples:

  • Scalable research and weighting of topic/keyword clusters for a complete branch of industry
  • Own Industry Performance Index (IPIN) to answer online related questions for own industry
  • Market analysis and competitor benchmarking
  • Enriching and enhancement of existing datasets
  • Performance benchmarking for online marketing, SEO/PPC
  • Local attribution of enterprises or domains
  • Analysis of the employed technology-stack like ecommerce systems, web analytics, etc.

Data available also available as high-performance (enhanced) raw-data-feeds, for own marketing intelligence or business intelligence systems.

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