Industry Performance Index (IPIN)

No more diluted SEO data and blurred SEO performance indicators! The Industry Performance Index (IPIN) from SEOlytics is based on a custom-fit topic cluster and provides extensive industry insights in online marketing, especially in SEO. All questions regarding the own field of business can be answered. Unlimited data exports and reportings are always included within SEOlytics.

These indices are available in a public version – for example fashion or consumer electronics – where various companies “share” the index and each competitor can use the data or as individual industry index, in which only one company uses the own industry data and possibly even own algorithms for calculating performance through usage of internal KPIs.

Customized Topic Cluster

Unlike “generic” country databases, that are designed to represent the broadest possible average and one compares the company for example with Wikipedia, industry-specific indices result in a considerably more realistic picture and deeper industry insights. For example, here are the TOP players within the German fashion industry in comparison:

Fashion Industry E-Commerce in germany

The public IPIN analyses are based on industry specific data containing the 80.000 most relevant terms for each industry. Thereby it won‘t no longer be risked to blur analyses & reports with „collateral keywords“. Researching from millions of potential terms SEOlytics‘ data specialists create a keyword cluster which is precisely tailor-made for the certain industry.

Industry Visibility Rank (IVR) included

  • SEO performance is calculated based on the whole topic cluster
  • Weighting is accurately adapted to the field of business
  • Direct benchmarking of 10 competitors possible

Extensive performance analysis of competitors. Full SERP exploration including all paths and universal search elements enable the scalable combination with other data channels, for example own web analytics. Full data access via enterprise-grade API.

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