Our partnerships for excellent performance

We constantly strive to make our products even better. Therefore, we have entered close partnerships with the following companies, all market leaders in their business area:

Technology partners

Through our partnership with Majestic SEO, SEOlytics has access to the entire Majestic SEO backlink database and utilises it as seed data for its own backlink module.
linkbird is the leading cloud solution for professional SEO link management and helps hundreds of companies improve the position of their websites in search engines. linkbird monitors the link structure, evaluates them intelligently, assists in project planning, scales link building campaigns, and evaluates a range of online marketing and SEO performance indicators.
linkbutler is a link management software for professional link building. Since 2.0, linkbutler has been using some functions of the SEOlytics API. The interface allows you to import all back links to your projects, read the URLs and keywords with a search volume of the top 100 rankings, as well as link statistics for your link partner projects. With linkbutler you will receive a meaningful link profile.
Together with intelliAd GmbH, SEOlytics develops innovative solutions for the utilisation of synergy effects between organic and paid search.


Interfaces to web analytics tools

SEOlytics implements interfaces to the most popular Web analytics tools to extensively mesh SEO data with real traffic. These include: