The SISTRIX GmbH in Bonn, who is market leader for search analytics and inventor of the Visibility Index, has acquired 100% of the shares of SEOlytics. With this acquisition, SISTRIX increases their market leadership in Europe and expands their enterprise-business further. All of SEOlytics activities will be consolidated into the SISTRIX Toolbox, which will result in many additional analysis features for users of both tools.
“The SEOlytics team has done a tremendous job over the last few years providing data-driven search-analytics to clients. The very high data quality, innovative features as well as customer-centric view are characteristics that connect both SEOlytics and SISTRIX.” These are Johannes Beus, founder and CEO of SISTRIX, thoughts on the deal. He continues, “We are looking forward to combining the strong points of both solutions and making them available to a large user-base.”

Companies have to be able to make the right decisions based on reliable data, in order to have an advantage over their competitors. This is especially true when it comes to online marketing decisions. Both SISTRIX and SEOlytics are known among the professional SEO-tools as being extremely reliable analytics-instruments.

Sören Bendig, CEO of SEOlytics GmbH, elaborates: “Even in the United States, you see experts and the media use marketing-data “Made in Germany”. The German analytics-tools are world-class and SISTRIX is always right at the forefront. We are excited that combining both tools will result in greater diversity of analysis options and thus add a high value for clients of both companies in the future. Our users will also benefit from access to innovative SISTRIX features like the smartphone Visibility Index.”

The SEOlytics GmbH was founded in 2009. The majority shareholder was the agency artaxo GmbH, also from Hamburg. All shareholders have transferred 100% of shares to the SISTRIX GmbH.

This ushers in the market consolidation for SEO Tools in Europe

With this strategic move, SISTRIX begins the market consolidation for search-analytics in Europe, while, at the same time, expanding their lead over competing vendors. Such a consolidation for SEO-tools has already been predicted by market-observers. They expect the market to shrink down to two or three All-In-One-tools, as well as a few special-purpose tools in profitable niches.

According to the “SEO Monitor”, a collaborative study conducted by Barketing and the University of Technology and Economics (HTW Berlin), 43 percent of SEO-deciders and online-marketing managers interviewed use SISTRIX as their SEO-tool of choice. SEOlytics was in use by 11 percent of companies. With the acquisition of SEOlytics, the market’s number 1 and number 4 are now joining forces.

Of the companies interviewed, 2/3 belong to the e-commerce sector and more than half had annual turnovers of more than 50 million Euros – 35% of the companies polled even had revenues of more than 500 million Euros. Last week, SISTRIX already announced a partnership with Majestic, the number 6 in the market, through which the Toolbox users are able to use Majestic data within the software at no extra cost.
use of SEO tools GermanyThis merger between SISTRIX and SEOlytics will benefit the users most of all. They will now receive even more data and evaluation options within one tool and do not need to subscribe to the services of multiple vendors. On the vendor side, price advantages will make it possible to present an even better tool to users, without having to increase the cost of the software. The pricing of the SISTRIX Toolbox has been stable ever since it was launched in 2008. Even though the performance, amount of data and service provided has increased many times over.

SEOlytics users will find an extensive FAQ within our tool to explain the transition over the upcoming months and give many tips. All historiscal data will be imported and KPIs will be further calculated, etc. The whole process is planned by professionals for professionals and therefore will be relaxed and in an orderly manner.

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