The Müggelsee, a lake in the suburbs of Berlin ripples quietly and calmly 362 days a year – and then the SEOs come! The 6th SEO CAMPIXX – a three day BarCamp-style conference – was loud, wild, and full of input & inspiration again, and remains one of the most important events for online marketers and SEOs in Germany.

Fitting to this year’s “future” motto, the CAMPIXX had a generation change among the participants this year, there were many new faces and it was a colorful mixture made up of in-house and agency SEOs. Everyone were there, from a German Schlager-Portal or a Potato-Hotel, to industry giants such as Zalando and ImmobilienScout24. There were many interesting and exciting conversations again in addition to workshops. The CAMPIXX can be seen as a “class reunion”, and we were pleased, of course, to be able to have a drink with old friends at the Captains Bar.

SEO CAMPIXX 2014 - Auf zum Gruppenfoto

SEO CAMPIXX 2014 Captains Bar

The Next Level Day on Friday rang with ideas and visions about the direction the online world could develop by 2020, including this event. By the way: next year the CAMPIXX will for the first time ever, take place for an entire week. Next to the SEO focus point, the CampixxWeek 2015 (german website) will take a wider set of issues into account, for example neuromarketing or creativity. The SEO-Campixx portion will as usual take place during two days.

Robots at the SEO CAMPIXX 2014

SEO Spiritr

On Saturday and Sunday everything evolved around current SEO-topics: up to 15 lectures and workshops were running parallel to each other this year, which made the selection not as easy. One could see the amount of work that was put into the numerous presentations, and that they were prepared with dedication. Some very exciting projects and ideas were introduced. Unfortunately, there are exceptions where this wasn’t the case, and the presentations appeared to be quickly and carelessly thrown together. What a shame.

CAMPIXX Session mit Danny & Merlin - Stühlerücken inklusive

CAMPIXX Session from SEOlytics

Sörens business inspired session „SEO Intelligence with Big Data“ on Saturday was fully occupied. He encouraged one to think in larger scales with the analysis of data. Strategic decisions should now be made on the basis of the largest possible and representative databases. With examples from several of SEOlytics Use-Cases, Sören showed that analyses with 100 million data points or more can be implemented nowadays without a problem, and how relevant data can be filtered in a multi-stage process to later go back and enrich and “refine”. He stressed how important it is to not get lost in the volume of data and that the initial issues should be fully thought out, so that the final results can lead to actionable insight.

SEOlytics Session CAMPIXX 2014


Appealing to the CAMPIXX 2014’s “future” motto, the SEOlytics team caused the hall to glow on Saturday night using a flux capacitor.

SEOlytics team at the CAMPIXX 2014

flux capacitor at the CAMPIXX 2014

Thank you Marco, Stefan, and Amira from Sumago (german website), for the great organization, creative ideas, and attention to detail, that makes this event a real highlight every year!

the event team: Marco, Stephan and Amira

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