SISTRIX acquires SEOlytics and expands their enterprise-business

The SISTRIX GmbH in Bonn, who is market leader for search analytics and inventor of the Visibility Index, has acquired 100% of the shares of SEOlytics. With this acquisition, SISTRIX increases their market leadership in Europe and expands their enterprise-business further. All of SEOlytics activities will be[...]
twitter-and-google- google-an-index-romance

Twitter & Google – An Index Romance?

In May 2015 Google and Twitter announced their liaison to achieve a better and deeper connection of Twitter data within the Google SERPs. Especially on mobile devices this is intended to make it easier to "follow" content further, for example #hashtags. Some days ago Eric Enge from Stone Temple Consulting[...]
Artikelbild NEU 16-9_Tipps und Tools zum Mobile-Update

Mobile-Friendly Update – Tools and Tips for Transition

As of April 21st 2015, Google will take into account if a site is "mobile friendly" within the mobile search rankings.  Here's a quick guide with useful tips and tools for the transition and preparation.[...]

Google launches medical Knowledge Graph

Starting now Google provides comprehensive medical information covering 400 disease patterns in its Knowledge Graph and offers detailed answers to yet another area. Since a respective announcement has been made a couple of days ago we’ve been observing what’s in the making – until the feature had been[...]

New Google Update in the rollout?

Every once in a while during the past couple of weeks there have been some rumors about Google setting changes in its rankings, e.g. when it comes to the mobile algorithm. In early December the most drastic aftershocks of the last Penguin Update took place and now – approximately eight weeks later – our[...]

Boom industry marketing technology

The industry around marketing technology keeps growing for years now. Within the highly data-driven marketing business a lot of creative decision-makers are constantly working on original ideas, solutions and tools. In addition, smart start-ups are founded and new technical possibilities and platforms keep[...]

New interactive API Query Wizard

More and more SEOs are looking for a way to enrich their analysis via connecting different data channels. It is exactly this combination of input coming from a webanalysis tool or an internal shop that makes you gain even more insights regarding your SEO indicators. Our new API Query Wizard now also enables[...]
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As a data specialist we're always on the hunt for every little detail - within a business dynamic like a rolling stone. We walked an amusing extra mile when it comes to analysis and compared 2013’s & 2014’s participants of SEO Campixx - a three day BarCamp-style conference.[...]
Featurd Image 16-9_Recap SEO Campixx 2014

Recap – SEO CAMPIXX 2014

The Müggelsee, a lake in the suburbs of Berlin ripples quietly and calmly 362 days a year - and then the SEOs come! The 6th SEO CAMPIXX – a three day BarCamp-style conference – was loud, wild, and full of input & inspiration again, and remains one of the most important events for online marketers[...]
Featured Image 16-9_Google USA has a new interactive voting element

Google USA has a new interactive voting element

Voting for candidates on the TV series American Idol is now possible with Google. A new interactive voting element appears in the search results when one searches for the TV series.[...]